…And The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
 – Easter Update

Well I hope that you have all celebrated Easter in whatever fashion you want to and I am guessing that some of you will have enjoyed some chocolate somewhere during the weekend. Whatever you did I hope you had a fantastic time.

Time now for the latest update on the book.

We can now announce that the layout and design and printing of the book will be undertaken by a British company called Bang-Design. They have recently printed a booklet for the recent Yes tour for the VIP ticket holders among many other projects including the waiting Room 100th Anniversary edition magazine. We feel that Matt and his team are the right way forward for the book and Matt himself is a huge Genesis fan and a fan of The Lab Lies Down On Broadway. You can check out Matt’s company here and further updates on the progress of the book will be forthcoming as we move down the production line of the book.

Secondly, I have interviewed Dale Newman. Many of you will know that Dale was with Genesis for many years starting of as Mike Rutherford’s guitar tech and latterly managing the bands recording studio The Farm. His thoughts on the period covered by the recording and touring of The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway will be an invaluable insight into the project which still causes fans to discuss the album more than forty years after the release of the album. I spoke to Dale originally about his new solo albums which really is a lovely album although nothing like Genesis. You can check out details of that here.

Elsewhere we have come to an agreement for more previously unseen photographs from the Lamb tour in Europe.

As ever we are still offering a discount for those who want to buy the softback edition alongside the hardback and Steve Hackett signed edition. Many have already taken us up on the offer.

Finally, I believe that all the refunds have now been done from the previous publisher Stereo 33 Books. However, if you are still awaiting refund please contact me in order to reserve your discount code should you want to re-order from us. We have details of all those who did originally order, and I understand that some of you have decided not to tale up the order and I respect that after all the confusion and messing about. If, however you do what to order the book form us just drop me a line here rockahead@hotmail.com.

So onward and upward and as ever you will be kept up to date regularly on the progress of the book and if you have any comments or questions please do get in touch…. I always reply in a timely manner.

Thanks once again for your support and loyalty and I leave you with this thought…

“I’d Rather Trust A Country Man, Than A Town Man”

Jon Kirkman

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