And The Lamb, Lies Down… On Broadway: An Update – Sunday 11th March


As you know the pre-sale on the book went live on Friday the 9th March and orders are coming in so thank you for that.

Many of you however have said that they have still not received the refund from Stereo33 Books and without that they are unable to order the book from us.

I fully understand that and  as such we are extending the deadline for pre orders of the book  for previous customers of Stereo33 Books. Your discount is safe, and we know who you are as we have the list of people who previously ordered from Stereo 33 Books. As soon as you receive your refund we will be happy to take your order and apply the discount to your order. We have also noticed that some people are buying one of each of the formats (One Hardback and One Softback) For those customers there is also a discount for buying both copies and again we are happy to apply that discount to your order.

We still plan to publish the book at the end of May and if that changes either way we will let you know.

Finally we are looking into getting a cheaper despatch rate for the shipping of the book and I am sure we will find one but if we do and it is cheaper than the current charge then rest assured those who have been charged at the higher rate  will be refunded the difference

Regarding the book, I have been editing the various interviews and features and getting them ready to be laid out along with the images and various photographs that are included in the book

We have also launched the covers for the two editions of the book and they can be found in the website and also the Facebook page for the book.

As ever I am knocked out by the support and the loyalty and encouragement from everyone concerning the book and I want you to know I am getting excited along with you about how the book is shaping up. I also hope to include some audio clips from the interviews I have done for the book and we will be sharing them soon with links to hear them.

If you have any questions regarding the book or if you would like me to forward in your claim to Stereo33 Books then please drop me a line at

Thank You

Jon Kirkman

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