Genesis: And The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Update – October 2018


Well it seems like ages since I last wrote an update, but the truth is it is 0nly July since I last sent out a newsletter.

On a personal note one of the reasons is I have been experiencing health issues. I have over the last few months been experiencing issues with my eyesight and undergoing hospital treatment and tests. The results of the tests are now in and sadly it is not good news. I have what is known as late stage AMD, or as it is generally known, Macular Degeneration. Basically, this condition is incurable, and it means I am slowly going blind. Quite a life changing diagnosis for sure but having had a second opinion from an eminent doctor in America I have been given some hope. The treatment that is currently available will slow down the onset of blindness for up to ten years and as he said the advances they are making in treatment for this condition are fast moving and giant steps, so I am receiving treatment and further treatment down the line could eliminate the problem. I have to hope that is true and be positive.

On with the book.

This week I received the book or at least the softback edition of the book and it does look amazing in its physical form. After six months of work from scratch I am very pleased with the book, as are those who have seen it, including both Steve Hackett and Anthony Phillips who are very impressed with it. By the way Steve is currently on tour with his orchestral show of Genesis Revisited so do try and catch that show because it really is amazing, and I believe one of the London shows is being filmed and recorded for future release.

Back to the book. I have posted some photographs of me leafing through the book and this week I will be staging a live event from a very special location so do check out the Facebook page for the book for times and location etc.

Now into sales mode again.

The book has been selling well, and we now only have half the stock left so if you do want a copy of the book then I suggest you consider ordering now before the book is gone. The book is limited to just 300 copies in the hardback edition which is numbered and signed by Steve Hackett and just 200 copies of the softback edition which is numbered and signed by me. As I said, just half the stock remains now so if you want to consider ordering then now is the time.

We have also extended the deadline for having your name in the book as well and that is extended to midnight BST on Sunday the 7th of October. You can also buy the book in two instalments to make it easier and more manageable. Just contact me or Callum at the addresses below. After that we are unable to accept submissions for your name being added to the book.

Once I have gone through the test print of the book we press start for the print of the book and subsequent distribution and dispatch. As soon as I do this I will get an eta on the finished book and pass that on to you all.

Once again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the encouragement, support and patience but can now say with the book in my hand that it really is almost here.

Stay tuned for the Live Broadcast and I will be in touch very soon.

Thank You,

Jon Kirkman

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