Genesis Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Book Update – Spring 2018

Hello. I actually had an autograph on Peter Gabriel’s first solo album which said Hello… Peter Gabriel. I got the autograph during Peter’s debut solo tour in 1977 outside Radio City in Liverpool where Peter was doing an interview.

As I write this up date on the 8th of May it is the forty third anniversary of the band playing Antwerp on the Lamb tour! How time flies. There have been some exciting developments in the book and you can still order the book by going here.

We now have some incredible photographs courtesy of Duane Sherwood who attended the Rochester gig on Tuesday the 17th of December at the Auditorium Theatre. These photographs have not been seen widely before and have remained in Duane’s archive for more than forty years.

We also have secured the rights to use photographs taken by Janet Macoska at Cleveland on the 25th of November 1974. This date is incredibly important because it was on this day that Peter called a meeting of the band and management to inform them that he would be leaving Genesis following the tour to promote the Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. Incredible then that the band were able to continue with the tour following such a bombshell but as we know the tour did continue until the following May. The photographs are incredible though and I am sure you will enjoy seeing them.

I must also publicly thank Peter Nicholls. Peter as you may know is the singer with British Progressive rock band IQ and Peter has been invaluable in editing and proof reading some of the text in the book. He has also contributed his memories of seeing The Lamb show back in 1975.

We are still looking to publish the book in early June and I am sending all the relevant constituent pieces and final images to the printer by the end of this week.

It really is all getting very exciting and those who have seen various pieces of the book already have been very positive and kind in their comments, so I am sure many will also feel the same way as these people are MASSIVE Fans of the Lamb Lies Down On Broadway and have very high standards.
Once we get some scans back from the printer I am going to post them on the website and Facebook pages.

So with that I am off to have a warm bath with The Lamia and maybe a hot Ribena but hope to have another update with you all soon with some images.

Once again thank you for the patience and the encouragement and support. And The Lamb …Still Lies Down On Broadway.


Jon Kirkman 8th May 2018

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