Classic Rock Radio promises to be a new force in the rock radio arena, with plans afoot to relocate the station HO, launch on DAB, and to roll-out the brand across a number of related projects over the next 12 months.

We play the very best in Classic Rock music anywhere in the world. No idle claim. We don’t subscribe to the “Less is more” philosophy. Less is less.

We play the big rock hits from the last fifty years and also the “Deep Cuts” we have basically adopted the nothing is off the table philosophy. Everything here is to play for and play in full so we hope you will join us and also spread the word. Tell your friends there is a new Classic Rock Radio station right at your fingertips… That station is Classic Rock Radio… You know it makes sense.

Station Director, Jon Kirkman comments:

“The main priority of the new station will be exclusive, quality content. The new team has strong expertise in video, animation, web-design, social media management and PR, so the quality of our operation is under absolutely no doubt.

“We also have a number of international opportunities that will further boost the station’s identity – the coming months are shaping up to be very exciting.”